Way back in August I went to my 2nd #CTMeetup for Bloggers. And although I am not by any means a blogger in the same universe as some of these amazing ladies, I really enjoyed it. I found the whole event far less intimidating than my first one in May and was far braver and comfortable in my own skin. Some of this due to me being further along in the recovery from my breakdown/depression – but so liberating!

At this event, a lovely lady  – Abigail  – spoke to us about our blogs and images and using/taking photos for your blog. Learnt a lot – and affirmed again that my intention with blog is more about me journaling my experiences and the cherry on top is if it resonates with the few followers I have. After a great presentation from Abigail and the promise of a link to her online course for taking better photos she had one more item on list. Abigail needed 10 volunteers to participate in something called #CTConfidence. I didn’t know much about it – but as I was walking the path of finding my own confidence and learning to be myself – and love that self – I decided to be brave and sign up.

A few weeks ago a schedule was sent for those of us participating to book our studio slot with Abigail. An hour where we would be filmed and photographed answering the question “What is your #1 confidence challenge”. I thought about mine long and hard, completed the short survey   (found here , packed the white outfit I needed and waited for the day I had decided on.

Trouble is, it had been a rough week, and the Friday I had a particularly bad day in the office and it had taken all my energy to not get upset or emotional. (I have found since going back to work I tend to have an “off” week every now and then – it will start on a Monday or Tuesday and somehow it feeds on little things, and by the end of the week I am a wreck – something I am trying to manage). So I arrived at the studio keeping it together by a thread, which of course snapped the minute I started chatting. So I am waiting with baited breath to see how it turned out ….not altogether sure I did my best, but as my boss very generously tells the staff – as long as you did the best today it’s okay. So I guess I did my best all things considered.

Have a look at Abigails’ blog and watch the inspirational stories of the women who have shared something quite personal with you. The more I talk to people and read their blogs the more I see how everyone has something about themselves. So ladies let’s all try and speak kindly to ourselves, show ourselves grace, accept ourselves and be true to ourselves.





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