For the love of my shattered nerves

Sigh .. I keep meaning to post and then realise my photos are not on my laptop, but earlier today I decided to post anyway. I mean people read novel without pictures don’t they, so why not a harassed mom’s blog post.

Over the past few months my delightful first born has changed from a kind, thoughtful boy into a rude, cheeky, insolent, angry teen. If that is even possible at the tender age of eleven and a half??? He constantly picks fights with his brothers, back  chats, slams doors, argues, shouts and so much more. I honestly don’t know what to do or where to turn. (except possibly to a glass of wine as I attempt to read a parenting book on boys).

As I sit in the bedroom typing I am listening to yet another exchange that is less than kind or friendly resulting in a chase down the passage. This after it took almost half an hour to get this angry boy to have a shower – first. It seems he is always last in the queue for showers and has a major issue going first. And of course no longer wants ANYONE in or remotely near the bathroom when he showers. Eventually, with a LOT of mouthy remarks and comments, he daines to enter the bathroom threatening to use all the hot and the cold water and to shower for no less than 85 minutes. (not sure how he arrived 85 minutes but hey. That is the least of my worries at the moment.)

There is no  major argument going on about a slipper. I mean really …. a flipping slipper. And of course the fact that I have asked him to get his uniform ready for school in the morning (a feeble attempt to redirect his attention) is of course being blatantly ignored. And let me remind you, the world has become grossly unfair too. He is the only one of the 3 to get into trouble, to be reprimanded or punished…. actually he has decided that quite frankly we think he’s stupid and we don’t like him. No matter how or when or what I say (because my husband is steering well clear of all this); he doesn’t hear believe; or of course has a different version of which is the truth.

Now I am fully aware the pre-teen phase will be a pretty rough ride for all concerned; and in our lovely home we will be blessed with a TRIPLE dose of all of this at more or less the same time given the rather small gap between Max and his twin brothers. Makes me wonder what I was thinking when I let Bjorn near me when Max was a baby LOL! Especially as this feels like a baptism by fire – and the twins are learning to emulate this rather ugly behaviour.’

There is a lot of” it’s not me”, “it wasn’t my fault”, “it’s unfair”, “what about the boys?”, “why is it only me?”…  I could go on but might need to put more than a sneaky half glass of wine beside me. Oh I have just been reminded “stop talking” is another chart topper. And as I try to diffuse and create a semblace of peace, the twins start getting arsey too. So basically I can’t win.

And let me just mention, it’s not that I wasn’t expecting something to hit; I had just envisaged it to start in a year or two or three (pushing my luck but hey, can’t blame a mom for hoping) and would come hand in hand with signs – sweaty armpits, breaking voice, pimply skin and the oh-so beloved grunt of a teenage boy.

A few weeks ago we showed the boys this video about Kevin on the eve of his 13th birthday and the instant change as the clock strikes midnight and he becomes a teenager. We all laughed – I means it’s hilarious – except Max who got cross and stormed off to his room shouting “you telling me I’m like that – that’s ugly” and slamming the door behind him. If you haven’t seen it, do watch and let me know what you think.

Kevin turns 13 – A BBC comedy

So the evening’s chaos for now has been eased as we have said everyone must now read for 30 minutes and a strained peace reigns. Although, you know, he might come out of his room later as sweet as pie .. well for 5 minutes 🙂

Not sure how ready I am for this stage of my parenting journey. Best I stock up on wine and tea and parenting help books.

















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