A laugh & a giggle over a tip I shared

This morning while having coffee with a new found friend we were chatting about sores and scrapes on dogs and kids and I let her into a few things I use … and she had a giggle and told me I should blog. Well as I do I thought I would share my “tricks of the trade” so to speak.

For anything from sunburn to scrapes and dry skin and cracked lips I started off using Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I would keep a tube in my handbag and if anything happened to a kidlet when we were out and about I would whip out my tube of “magic cream” and fix whatever ill had befallen the child in question. I also LOVE it as a lip balm – it’s like colourless lipgloss – I actually still have a rather weather-worn tube in my handbag.

Raising 3 boys of more or less the same age gets kind of expensive so we had to consider what else could work as magic cream and I found a rather clever option … nipple cream! (It was at this point my new found friend laughed of course!) But seriously this stuff is great – and hey, if it is good enough to use while breast feeding a baby on your boobs it must be pretty good for the other stuff. So we have progresses to Elizabeth Anne’s Nipple Cream at a fraction of the cost and a nice peachy coloured tube (not a selling point for the boys though šŸ™‚ ) but it works just as well. And with winter coming I have stocked up and have one in my medicine kit with the bucket load of plasters and Panado etc and one in my handbag.

So if you should see me in a coffee shop whipping out a tube of nipple cream and smearing my lips you will know why šŸ™‚



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