A work in progress

I have officially decided to up my game in the world of blogging after deciding to sign up for a CPT Bloggers Meet up in early April. On completing the application form I noticed I couldn’t provide Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account details for my blog as I don’t have the full package yet. So this morning I have created a new Facebook Page for my blog with a rather cool profile picture, well it made me smile.

So I have revamped, partially, my blog page and will continue with improvements over the next few weeks. And I am so looking forward to meeting up with a group of bloggers who I’m sure will teach me a thing or two.

I was both amazed and horrified to discover Max and Oliver recording YouTube videos the other evening, on gaming. They have been avidly using YouTube videos for quite a while to gain insight into caring for hamsters when they desperately wanted one, recipes for pizza dough which worked out very well, and of course videos on how to create in Minecraft, amongst other things.

Listening on the sly I was so impressed with how easy the commentary came for Max. He just did it with such ease and confidence, although I am not sure the same could be said about his school orals! He was in his element and in an arena I am still a little clueless about. Which means my next mom challenge is to get to grips with the world of creating YouTube videos. Oliver recorded his first Minecraft gaming video yesterday and although he faltered occasionally he did really well. Alexander will be next I’m sure.

Next term I will need to strongly encourage them to join the Computer Club at school as I am sure they will be able to further broaden their horizons. Our school encourages the children to participate and assist and often at presentations to parents you will see a student at the laptop sorting out the presentation etc. What amazing skills they are being taught by encouraging and enabling them to pursue their interests.

Thank goodness a friend and I stumbled across The River Club a few weeks ago though as we have a good balance of indoor and outdoor interests. After hitting many hundreds of golf balls on our first visit my friend and I decided to look into joining up, and did. Since then I have become what one would call a regular to the club as the boys are thoroughly enjoying hitting golf balls.  And to be honest they seem to have a knack for it. Long may it last.









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