The support of friends

So life has been throwing me quite a few curve balls lately and over the past few weeks I have been amazed and so grateful at the support and kindness that has been given to me – from old friends, new friends and wonderful women I don’t know that well – a hug in a school corridor, an SMS of support, a coffee date that turns into far more than that.

And apart from long standing school and college friends who are pivotal in my world – I have over the past few years back in Cape Town met some amazing women through my children’s school and by being involved, ok quite involved, in the PTA. Now I know many parents think the PTA is really a bunch of moms who serve tea, but let me tell you – this group of moms (with the odd dad) is pretty amazing. And over the past 18 months I cannot tell you how much support, kindness and love I have received from this group of parents.

My initial reason for joining the PTA was to meet other parents to increase our social circle, and, as a working mom get a little bit more “insider info” about goings-on at school. And I have succeeded on both counts. Ok so I got roped into running the bi-annual school fair, and I have attended every PTA and School Community Meeting for the past 3 years (well up until this term … I have been rather scarce this term) … but the bonds forged with the wonderful people I have met along the way are worth their weight in gold in some cases.

We now past and current PTA moms, meet up occasionally for a glass of wine or go out for dinner. I recently regaled a story of how we battled with Afrikaans homework (I keep speaking Swedish instead of Afrikaans :)) and had 2 offers of assistance I hadn’t even thought of. A little blip and I get a wonderful hug in the corridor one morning dropping my boys off at school (another rare occurrence in my world) “just because I needed it”, a meet up for coffee for a chat turns into a much larger offer of support and help and guidance.

As for my long standing friends – gosh guys – we need to nurture these wonderful creatures. They have been my rocks for many years with all the life has been throwing at me – and even when I try and hide it or downplay it – they rally and make me feel better – create action plans, feed me champagne and love, hold me and tell me it’s going to be ok. A lunch date where my talents (which I am struggling to see in my current haze) are praised. And in Sweden when things got rough .. some wonderful ladies answered my calls and where there in a flash.

These are all precious gifts I have been blessed with and for all of you in my world I am so grateful. I have a friendships going back to Sub B (Grade 2), high school and college (all many moons ago) and wonderful new ones – and they all keep my world in place.

I hope my children learn the value of friendships and can, in years to come, be blessed with a circle as wonderful as my own.



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