A very busy few months has left me with little time for anything but work and sleep. I have had to let go of my role in the PTA, yoga and spending time with my kids. The past few weeks have been particularly manic and have been teetering on the edge of what my friends tell me is a breakdown … although I must admit it sounds kind of enticing – being booked off to rest.

But the guilt is creeping in as my husband reverts to a 7 day week which he is also finding quite gruelling so we aren’t much help to each other at the moment.

Max (10 3/4 going on 13) is full of hormones and rage and isn’t really sure what he wants or feels. I honestly didn’t realise it started this early. Which means next year there will be 3 pre-teen hormonal rage monsters in the house. Heaven preserve me – I am going to need that white and pink girls room even more than ever.

And my trawling on mom pages on Facebook has shown me just how tough some people have it – single moms, girlfriends/wives being beaten up, unemployed moms who can barely afford to feed and house their children, and many moms making a go of small businesses in a bid to encourage a better work/life balance.  All leaves me wondering what it is all about – a question that as a child really bothered me – the whole “why are we here?”.

So here I sit wondering what everything is for, how I can ensure my children are healthy and happy and how I can be happy with my Monday – Friday.

When the answers come to me I will let you know.


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