Hamster Wheel …

So it’s been a few weeks since i last blogged (although you should hear the stories I have “written” in the shower – funny how much thinking I do in the shower these days!) but life has just been so hectic.

In fact talking to friends and acquaintances – it seems we are all rushing around a hamster wheel… and I kind of owner why. so I have been looking at what is taking up my time (apart from a full time job that is) and you know there are lots of little things.. but most of them I enjoy and I don’t really want to give up or stop for the moment. But I have to admit it is all getting a bit much. So I am soooo grateful I have been able to take Monday off and have a long week-end. I think even the boys need a lazy long week-end. Tomorrow is a little busy as I help out at the Rondebosch Park Market for a while, and then Sunday a wonderful casual lunch with some special friends. And as for Monday & tuesday …who knows… And can you believe we are halfway through the year already?! I mean where the heck did April and May go because I hardly remember them at all.

So Max has written exams for this first time this term and as he has taken a causal approach I have tried to remain calm and not worry. He has been studying at school before break – I have been told each time I have asked (which has been many I can assure you!). I am fine mom! has been his standard reply. So we came to an agreement  – we would see how his marks are and take if from there. And i’s not so much that I worry he can’t do the exams without loads of studying at this age, but he needs to start learning how to study. And I am not nearly as confident about the twins winging it this time next year.

Our rather larger family has grown by one over the past few weeks as we now have a kitten (well he’s 6 months old but still quite little) named Einstein. I tell you I go to PE for work and I get back to find a cat – and let me clarify one thing – my husband has been avidly against a cat since he arrived in Cape Town (over 2 years ago!) so heaven knows what happened! But we are all rather pleased – and Einstein is a rather friendly loving little puddy tat (yes that IS what we say!) and after some rather hair raising interactions with the dogs things have settled down. In fact I have caught Bella ( a rather large stocky ridgeback/lab cross) and Einstein exchanging licks ❤ Roxy, our skittish highly strung Dalmation is still hell-bent on chasing him so I am waiting for some war wounds there…

And in all of this I am putting huge energy into learning a new job and proving I am worthy of the promotion, wondering if I should step down from chairing the PTA and wondering when I will have time to schedule in some excersice so I can shed a few pounds and feel a little better about myself (sad that even over 40 it still bothers me).

On the up side all the travelling I have done with work recently enabled me to read a WHOLE book in a matter of days. BC I was an avid reader and devoured books. Since have children and going back to work I have just not found time to read much, What sheer bliss to strap myself into the airplane seat and emerge chapters later having been to Egpyt, Dubai and Ireland in the pages I had read. I am so pleased to, that for the time being, the boys are quite keen readers and I will happily buy them books.

And in the midst of the mad hamster wheel spinning we managed to get to meet some new neighbours and fellow parents who live nearby. A really pleasant interlude, and one which I hope to reciprocate. And while I chatted to a new face around the braai on the seemingly common topic of post natal depression – it struck us both how little is spoken of this, and how those who suffer do so quietly, almost embarrassed, Because let’s face it – unless you have hit the black bottomless pit of depression yourself it is very hard to understand what it is all about. So I have made a promise to myself I will share my own experiences here, at some stage, with you all.

And meanwhile on the hamster wheel I ran. In order to break routine I got up later one morning this week and did everything backwards – so I sorted out the kids and lunch boxes before having a shower and getting dressed. I got to work just a little after 8am (and yes I am VERY lucky to live nearby but I aim to be in the office by 7:15am most mornings as I don’t stay late) and it was quite liberating. Gosh how sad!

I see my months ahead from now until September are going to be rather crazy again – but I have committed to putting on my big girl brooks and getting on with it – so I shall – against all odds. And try really hard to be a good mom, wife, friend, colleague, daughter et al. And if I am really lucky, I will travel my hamster wheel with bravu and do a pretty good job of keeping it all together while I get things done.


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