Change is a good thing

It has been a rather busy few months with lots of changes for me on a personal and work front.

And despite everything I do love change – I like the new start, the clean up and clear out, the beginning of something new – and over the years I have learnt to embrace it. As a child I would rearrange my bedroom every school holiday, as an adult too where possible; and moving house really doesn’t bother me – I see it as an opportunity to re-organise, re-paint, re-arrange, re-place and get rid of unnecessary things.

Autumn is upon us (although the warm weather makes me wonder if winter really is coming or not!), summer sports gave way to winter sports, winter clothes were shaken from the cupboard and boots replace flip flops. It gets dark early, or very early depending on the load shedding schedule and the zone you are in 🙂

But how do we teach our children to embrace change and differences? I mention in passing we might have lasagne for dinner, and I eventually decide on mince and potatoes – calamity as we get ready for dinner. I said we would go shopping for PJ’s on Saturday and now it turns out I need to run an errand instead – downward smiles and groans all morning. Bottom line – my children do not like the unexpected!

So what do we do – we have learnt (for me a rather slow process) to not mention or think out loud any plans or ideas involving the boys at all.  Because man oh man will I be held ransom to my utterings. My husband, far more hard-assed than me, manages this beautifully – he has no problem not planning anything. I, on the other hand like to plan – I don’t mind if my plan changes – but I like to have …. control!!!!! And I like to give the boys something to look forward to – as a hard working mom I like to “spoil” them over the week-end with little coffee dates, trips to Kirstenbosch or hints of an afternoon baking. But alas, even with the best intentions my plans don’t always materialise – and therein lies the problem. So I have had to change tactic and learn to keep quiet, to plan silently and not utter a word. A very difficult thing for a planning, control freak, eager to be the best mom ever kinda person!

I have also been reading some great articles on Facebook (don’t you just love the information element of this social media phenomenon?) about dealing with children differently, different approaches and and the way our society has changed of the past few decades. We are so fortunate in that the school the boys attend really is forward thinking and hold inclusion very highly – everyone is welcome.

And even in the office, a role change is making me evaluate the way I work and how need to be responsible for my output in a different way. But with this comes new learnings, new challenges, and the satisfaction that I can do it.


Embrace change, and teach your precious little people to do the same. 10 years ago a tablet that worked like a mini PC was a figment of someone’s imagination – nowadays it is common place. On Sunday, while out with the kids who quickly grew tired of travelling in the car started moaning and complaining, Alexander piped up how awesome it would be if we could step into a portal and be at our destination instantly. But he declared – “that is impossible!”. And so started a discussion about change and how quickly things have been changing over the past 30 years (with much disbelief coming from the back seat of the car 🙂 ). So I have challenged Alexander to keep his portal in mind – that anything is possible and if wants to enough – he could be the person that designs the first portal. He came home from school yesterday and mentioned he had technology. I snapped up this opportunity (hee hee!) and mentioned that Technology is a great subject to do if he wants to build his portal one day.

He is not yet convinced, but I am – with patience, perseverance and determination – he can make great changes.



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