A busy few weeks of life’s ups and downs

I feel like I have been on a rather hectic hamster wheel the past few months with a family death, an assessment for a promotion (which was successful), my sister getting engaged (and here we were thinking she would never get married) and a school fair to convene (which is thankfully over and was hugely successful!) – oh yes and a fractured rib – making some of the able rather challenging to say the least.

But I have done it! The boys came home with the school reports on Wednesday and they all did well – I am pleased – some of them less so but you need to begin somewhere. And will discussing the boys grades with friends the other evening it occurred to me just how much parenting has changed since we were kids. I am sure my folks looked at my report, said good or not so good and that was pretty much it. Today as parents (well the ones I know anyhow!) talk to the children, talk to the teachers, look back at the homework, make plans for extra homework or extra lessons to help their children achieve better grades next time – it seems to have evolved into a child-parent task. Don’t get me wrong I do NOT do the boys homework, if they leave projects to the last minute or homework to the last minute I will assist within reason but they must suffer the consequences at school – or they will never learn!

The school fair I organised with an amazing team of parents went off very successfully last Saturday. Thank goodness for a wonderful goddaughter who was able to sleep over and hang with the boys for the night before (so I could be at set-up) and for the day of the fair. I don’t think people realise just how much behind the scenes work goes into getting these things done – and done well. And it is no ordinary fair our little school puts together either. Each grade has a stall they must sort out, collect items for, decorate and run. The food stalls are run by the parents, we arrange a huge selections of games and activities for the kids on the day and invite external crafters to sell their wares. It is amazing to see it all come together and see children from the surrounding schools and the community support us. Proudly #RAF2015 🙂

In the midst of all this and just before bis birthday my grandfather passed away – he really was “my person” and it was a blow – not totally unexpected – but I think the death of a loved one is always a blow – no matter what. And on the eve of sprinkling his ashes I (foolishly my darling husband would say) fell and fractured a rib. We are now into week 4 and I am still struggling – who knew your ribs were so crucial in some of the most basic movements?! I have been wearing pumps for the past 4 weeks as I cannot bend over to buckle or lace up shoes for goodness sake! My husband, as always, has been my hero and really stepped up to the plate – I mean he has even been making school lunches!

But all of this has taken it’s toll on my body and I am so grateful for this long Easter week-end as I have needed to rest. And – for the first time in many years (if not since the arrival of my daring boys!) – I have actually had more than a few hours home alone. And I mean JUST ME – no kids and no husband. Not that I mind having them around but I just NEVER get to be home by myself. And it has been blissful. After 17 people for Easter lunch yesterday Björn headed off for a market (yes it seems they are still open on Easter Friday!), all 3 boys went for a a sleepover from which I will collect them after lunchtime today. Björn arrived home just after 10pm so I had a full SIX hours on my own! And this morning he was off to his Saturday Market – once again leaving my home on my own …. just me and the dogs. I cannot explain just how rejuvenating it has been. I love being a mom and a wife and a friend. I love helping people and visiting and going out – but the sheer luxury of doing nothing at home by myself is priceless.

So I can enjoy the rest of my Easter Week-end with more energy and a little more patience and love for my family for allowing me this gift.


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