Back to “normal”

So it was back to school day for us as it has been many others and it has all gone really well. The boys were packed and ready to go last night, went to bed by 8pm and were up, dressed and ready to go before 7am which is much earlier that need be as we are currently living ACROSS the road from school. We finally went across just after 7 and apart from a little apprehension all went well. I have requested the twins be in the same class this year for the first time ever and we will see how it goes. There are quite a few reasons for this and thankfully the school agreed – as it seems standard practice to split which to be honest I don’t always agree with – so we will see. I am hoping they will both gain a little more confidence by being together and bond with the teacher, who has spent  a year or two teaching in Finland so has the connection with life in Scandinavia.

On a different note, my caught in the act experiment is going rather well. On Monday evening all 3 had a little note and I had one from Alexander <3. Yesterday the twins each had one, and I will be leaving another 2 little notes on the table. Max being a little older, and suddenly having hit a pre-teen mood, is not nearly as enamoured with it all and finds it rather silly, but Alexander especially is really responding positively. This evening I had asked for Oliver to set the table, and Alexander to clear, with Max to sort out the dishes – and nothing happened except sulks and sighs from all 3. A few minutes later Alexander declared he would do all 3 chores and at the dinner table Oliver dished up my plate (we tend to have the food on the table and dish up there) – so 2 more little notes will be put out for the morning.

We had a little dog happen in our driveway last night for about 20minutes – he was actually a neighbours dog that escaped – and Oliver took a keen liking to this little thing, following her around everywhere – and shooing our 2 dogs away if they came too close. So I get home this evening and Max has been looking for puppies on Gumtree!!! AND they have found X labrador/ridgeback puppies in Parow which they have all fallen in love with – “they are sooooo cute mommy” and cries of “we have enough money to buy the puppy and the bed and the bowl” have been the theme for this evening.

But to put things into perspective we already have 2 dogs – a lovely (but rather skittish) blue-eyed Dalmatian called Roxy and an adorable chilled x labrador/Ridgeback called Bella. We all LOVE our 2 dogs and they are spoilt girls spending most nights on one of 4 beds. But I am pretty certain Bjorn is NOT going to approve another dog at this stage. We have always said when we buy our own house we can re-assess the pet situation – Max has in the past year desperately wanted both a kitten (he actually hid one in his backpack after a sleep over) and a hamster. And in both instances the dogs have been sufficient cause to say no – and more importantly a good enough reason so as to end the discussion. Not so with getting a 3rd dog – after all we already have 2 so why is it a problem to get a 3rd? Good question I suppose… but I am still pretty sure it will be a no from their dad.

I am pretty bucked on a very different thing – I have managed to keep to my 30 day plank challenge although must admit doing the plank for anything more than 60 seconds sounds easy but is actually pretty damn hard. Today it is 120 seconds ….. help.

And I have managed to meet up or arrange to meet most of my friends already – and it is only January. AND we managed our first date night of the year two weeks ago. So I have definately started the year as I mean to go on.

This evening I read to the box before bed – and we did a SWEDISH book at their request – so another tick on my list. My only hope now is I manage to keep to this all to some extent – but hey, anything more than last year is still a win in my books 🙂


One thought on “Back to “normal”

  1. Well done on keeping to your resolutions! So pleased the caught in the acts are going well! We are also managing every couple of days, it’s sweet to see their reactions when we read them out! Xx love that you are are an enthusiastically multilingual family!


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