Caught in the act…

…. of doing good.

This is a principle the boys school follows – positive rather than negative. This morning the wonderful learning support teacher at school posted the above image as she is practicing positive “caught in the act” at home and I LOVE it! It is so easy to say no, stop, don’t without even thinking. I love that Rose-Anne is writing little notes to her kids (and they to her <3) for doing NICE things.  Seeing her post on Facebook this morning before I got up to get ready for work made me smile and inspired me. So this evening I have told my boys that we will be doing this – and boy am I going to try. I love the idea of leaving them little notes to psychically show I notice the small things and praise them for it – tangibly.

Rose-Anne is the most amazing teacher and person. Always cheerful, helpful, ready to listen, offer advice, help, positive, just be – she is the most wonderful asset to the boys school. She has a blog that is quite inspiring and reflects very much the ethos of the school she works at. This is her blog – well worth a read. In the last week of term her and 2 of her colleagues held workshops at school with regards to Homework and Discipline – 2 rather hot topics for many of us – and she freely of her time and knowledge.

So try to “catch” your child doing something good this week-end and then write them a little note to show you noticed and see what happens.


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