A New Year with new Challenges & Resolutions

We are now 2 weeks into 2015 and usually I make a list of new year’s resolutions which, typically, I rarely manage to achieve. This year I decided to do something different. I am dabbling in being more aware of who I am, what I want and where I am going – and to this end my new year’s resolution is to make 2014 and better year than 2015. No more no less. And it is a deliciously exciting open-ended and achievable resolution. One small change, and in theory, I would have achieved my goal.

So I wonder if being on Day 14 of the 30 Day plank challenge counts? Actually that’s all up to me 🙂 I am so tired of pushing myself to be super perfect, super happy, super helpful, super organised … you see where I am going with this … as it so often is not within my control and sets me up for trouble … and I can have difficulty not saying what comes into my head without thinking sometimes, which just recently, has had negative repercussions. My new outlook means I determine my own successes and achievements and it feels so light and liberating because in essence I can only be successful with my 2015 resolution!

Three days back into work and I am already wondering how I am going to make time  to make the small changes to my daily/weekly routine I have whispered to the universe that I would do. Things like : read to the boys at bedtime every night, spend more time with them on homework, make a concerted effort to revive Swedish in our home so that the boys do not lose the language, not resort to take away pizzas or pancakes for dinner (in Sweden pancakes is a common meal on a Thursday – traditionally served with pea soup – which of course we don’t do!), find time to get fitter (notice I am not saying loose weight 🙂 ), spend time with girl friends on a more regular basis, plan & organise the School Fair (10 weeks and counting to D-day on that one) and the list does go on a little. So how the heck do we working moms do it? And at what cost? A short discussion over coffee at the office this morning and my conclusion was there is definitely no time for training (at least not until April) unless I am prepared to get up at 5am – and sadly I am not sure I am ready for that commitment yet. As it is I am up at 6am and only get to sit down after dinner, homework, setting the table for breakfast, pre-packing lunch boxes, sorting washing etc at about 9pm … that that last hour and a half before bedtime is just mine & Björns’. In order to get up at 5am – I would probably have to cut back on “our” time or lose an hour of sleep (eeeekkkk!!). The counter argument for this is of course, exercising should give me more energy! A lovely catch 22 – I will let you know if the call of the gym is so alluring that I manage to cut back on an hours worth of sleep.

And homework, good heavens! Since Max started Grade 1 we have been doing 45-60minutes a day per child of homework. And even though the twins are in the same grade it is not always possible to do at the same time. They are very different little people who work and learn very differently. So between 5 and 8pm (along with millions of other parents) we need to achieve the following: make dinner, do homework, bath, ensure uniforms are set out for next day and lunch boxes have been taken out of school bags, spend time with the boys (not homework), read to them  and finally get them to bed. A pretty tall order for any parent hoping to do any of these tasks well. And yet we manage – all of us do – because we have to. And you know what we all do a pretty good job too!

So before you go to bed tonight – give yourself a pat on the back and re-look those New Year’s Resolutions.


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