thank you

Thank you for all the positive words of encouragement for the start of my blogging journey.

We had friends over for dinner last night and one gleefully told she was looking forward to the stories of 3 teenage boys, which I have a feeling, could be way more challenging than life with 3 boys has been up to this point!

It was such a relaxed, chilled evening – the adults took over the lunge which meant the 6 kids had to find something to do. And after dinner we were requested to line up in the passage and enter the twins room one at a time for a “show”. We had a selection of underpants bears, a petting zoo, a guess what box to name but a few. So wonderful to see imagination and team work come together from a group of kids ranging in age from 6 -11 years. And then we let 2015 catch up with us and let the kids each choose their favourite song for You Tube. The adults selection was deemed “ancient” 🙂 but it turned up to be great family fun.

One more day before I am back to work as Maximilian turns 10 tomorrow (heaven help me – we are into double digits!!) and I have taken the day off to spend with him.


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