Our parental beginnings

I have always wanted children and had 3 in my head for many years – partly because I assumed my husband would want to negotiate down to 2 which would be acceptable to me. After the birth of our first child, Maximillian, my husband was reluctant to commit to a 2nd child and for a while (clearly not long!) i assumed Max would be it. We are clearly a rather fertile pair and very quickly fell pregnant for the 2nd time (which really surprised us – although bigger surprises were just around the corner!). My 2nd pregnancy started very differently from my first with almost no tiredness or morning sickness – so by week 8 I was certain something was wrong and booked a private scan (the Swedish maternity care is VERY different from SA). I dropped Max at a friends and off Björn & I went for the scan. All was well until the DR gleefully said he could see TWO little blobs on the screen. Björn paled visibly and said almost nothing for the rest of the appointment. We finished off quickly and parted ways – him to get a haircut!! and me to reveal to my dear friend that all was – well more than well! which I did by bursting into tears when she opened the door.

The funny thing was when we announced we were pregnant for the 2nd time there were murmerings of being crazy to have such a small age gap etc etc. When a few weeks later we announced it was twins the positive comments were endless – while I internally PANICKED!!!! Alone in a foreign, non-English speaking country with no support and the prospect of jumping from 1 to 3 children was so daunting and terrifying and exciting. My darling friend Kylie reassured me and eventually sent Max & I home, Björn arrived back from work that evening with a great haircut and completely calm about having twins.

I had a text book perfect twin pregnancy, gained less than 10kg’s in total but battled towards the end as I was rather large and couldn’t put on my socks & shoes etc. One evening towards the end of February, Björn came home to find me in tears on the kitchen floor with Max. From 1 March he was on his “pappa leave” – a blessing from the Swedish government  – and was able to be home for a total of 3 months.

Having twins is a wonderful thing and comes with many joys, and an enormous amount of hard work. 3 children under the age of 2 is another aspect of the challenge that faced us. I honestly don’t know how we did it – but we did. I think it was almost a year after the twins were born before we had a FULL night’s sleep and probably another 5 before all 3 boys slept through the night….


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