New beginnings

So towards the end of last year I was in Johannesburg for work and met with a few magazine editors. We started talking about social media and blogging and in one of the meetings I made a decision I would start blogging. So here I am… back to work on Tuesday and I have promised myself I would have posted something before Monday night.

I am a mom to 3 boys – Maximillian, my oldest turns 10 on Monday and twins – Oliver & Alexander – will turn 9 at the end of March. My husband is Swedish and we lived in Stockholm for 7 years before returning to Cape Town 3 years ago, so all 3 boys were born in Sweden.

I am a 40-something, full-time working mom, part time helper to my husbands small fudge business, PTA chair person (who is rather unwillingly 😦 organising the bi-annual school fair at the end of March), wife, friend, daughter, colleague……

I enjoying sharing and hoped I could share some of my experiences, frustrations, joys and more with others

Happy reading


One thought on “New beginnings

  1. Nici, you are on to a good thing, so happy blogging my friend! Lots of people will learn, laugh and probably cry at your everyday happenings with 3 busy little boys..can’t wait to see he teenage version in a few years!!


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